An awesome place : Cancun

Cancun … an amazing location to see.. Few visitors will want to miss the chance to spend at least a little of their vacation time visiting one or more of the larger Mayan ruins within reach of Cancun. One of the most popular day trips is to Chichen Itza, three hours west of the beaches and one of Mexico’s largest and best-restored archaeological sites. Settled by the Mayans more than 1,000 years ago, this UNESCO World Heritage Site includes many famous Chac-mool statues, along with important buildings such as the 30-meter tall El Castillo, one of the country’s most famous pyramids. Tulum, just one-and-a-half hours south, is a better option for those pressed for time. Famous for its cliff top location and for being the only known fortified Mayan coastal town, Tulum contains many other unique structures in addition to is tall, wide walls, most noticeably its Temple of the Frescos with its sculptures and reliefs depicting seated figures with elaborate headdresses. The site’s largest building, the Castillo, is also its most famous, perched as it is on the cliff-edge overlooking the sea.

If you’re wanting to participate in activities in Cancun that allow you to just sit back and relax without getting sand everywhere, take a catamaran cruise. Whether you take one during the day to enjoy the sights, go open sea snorkelling or even bask in the sun with a cold adult beverage, a catamaran gets you offshore without any stress.

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Enjoy the beauty and history of Tulum on the Tulum-Tankah Cenotes Eco-Adventure Tour – the perfect way to learn more about Mayan history and culture and visit some iconic spots like the historic pyramids and breathtaking cenotes.

You’ll get transportation to and from Cancun to the sights and attractions in Tulum. Your guide will provide context to everything you see along the way, making sure you don’t miss a thing. You’ll also get access to the Tankah (Mayan word for “town center”) Eco-Adventure Park where you can visit four cenotes (naturally-formed sinkholes filled with groundwater) and even go swimming in them.

Your Tulum-Tankah Cenotes Eco-Adventure Tour tickets also include a zip line adventure, kayaking, and a buffet-style lunch.

In 2018, Sac Actun became the world’s largest underwater cave system. The Sac Actun river system, which we first visited in 2010, stretches more than 163 miles. The recent discovery of a link between it and the Dos Ojos system (which is around 52 miles) earned the cave system its new claim to fame.

You might be familiar with the caves, as they’ve been featured in National Geographic documentaries and the BBC’s Planet Earth. And it’s easy to see why: The brilliant blue waters and spectacular stalactites and stalagmites are positively otherworldly.

In 2008, divers exploring the Sac Actun system discovered the remains of a mastodon there. They also found a skull belonging to a teenage girl, which could be the oldest evidence of humans living in the Yucatan Peninsula.