Best things to remember when going on a desert safari ride

The uniqueness of this desert safari will only be understood by taking a trip to the Dubai desert and experiencing the desert safari. Although the fun and adventure of almost all the tour operators will be nearly the same but the campsite, skills of the driver and insurance are some things that can be considered the factors to differentiate between them. The desert safari in daytime is the most popular because of the BBQ dinner and dune bashing but again the temperatures can be a little too much to handle. Try going on the evening trip and you will get a chance to witness the beautiful stars while chilling in the desert.

Refresh your basic astronomy skills before your night in the desert. It’s always fun to look for the constellations. Extra info on morning desert safari.

If you’d like to ride a camel, do it sooner rather than later as there was no one around after the initial rush when we arrived. Tempted as you may be to buy souvenirs from the campsite, (they even take American Express and can swipe your card in the desert!), the mark up price is horrendous. We found similar items in the Mall of the Emirates for less than half price. Beware of offers of sand-filled bottles personalised with your names. They rarely resemble the sample they show you. Don’t give them your name(s) unless you are willing to buy or you may find yourself pressured to make a purchase like one couple in our group.

Don’t book in advance

This is a top tip I would give anyone travelling to India; don’t book any transport, hotels or attractions in advance. Sure, you can book in your hotel for the first night to make sure you have somewhere to head from the airport but after that, I wouldn’t bother.

Not only may you experience delays due to transport or falling head over heels with a place and wishing you had spent more time there, you also could be paying over the odds online. I would highly recommend waiting and booking a safari in Jaisalmer up front. Extra info about desert safari Sharjah.

If you cannot get enough of the beautiful Arabian desert, this is the safari for you. After enjoying the evening in the desert dune bashing, sand-boarding, and camel riding, you come back to the Bedouin desert to enjoy other activities and dining in front of a bonfire, where you are served an assortment of delicious BBQ food, salads, main course and desserts.

You spend the night in tents in comfortable sleeping bags with blankets. You also get unlimited tea and coffee. It’s a wonderful experience. In the morning, you are served a delicious breakfast and then you depart to further explore the beauty of the desert.

We had the Best experience of our trip, our guide and expert driver Rafid was amazing, he pick us up from the port ( we arrived in a Cruise ) and took us to the meet point with other 15 jeeps, we had a 1 hour fun drive through the dunes , we did sandsurfing, camel ride , henna tattoos with show and dinner, I would really recommend it for those who love adventurous trips !!

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