Where to stay in Paris

Where to stay in Paris? For anyone planning a trip to Paris, deciding in which area of ​​the city to stay is always a big question. If this will be your first time, it is natural to want to understand a little more about the main points of the city to decide which area most catches your eye. If you do not know in which arrondissement you are staying in Paris this guide will help you a lot.

Here are some highlights of the different areas and neighborhoods of the French capital so you know the best area to stay in Paris, and which fits best with your tourist profile. But, without a doubt, each place has its beauty, and being in Paris, everything will be very good! Let’s check it out?

One of the best area to stay in Paris, the district of Les Halles / Le Marais is one of the most important in the city. It escaped the great modernization of Paris initiated by Haussmann during the 19th century because of its type of soil. So this is why the streets are so crooked, simply because they date back to medieval times. So many things to see in this district! You would need a whole weekend to see everything and a lifetime to know the little secrets! Here culture is everywhere.

The Picasso Museum, the Holocaust Museum, the House of Victor Hugo, the Carnavalet Museum … The Museum of Modern Art at the Pompidou Center. Here is just heaven on earth. In the Marais we can find delicatessens with imported products from all over the world, bars, trendy restaurants and art galleries. The Sunday tour in the Marais area is a Parisian custom. There’s nothing like ice cream on the Berthillon (French link) on Ilê de Saint Louis, before taking a walk in the Marrais, trying out clothes in fashionable thrift stores, and drinking iced tea while browsing the windows of great designers. If you need to shop in a place more like a mall (something rare in Paris), Forum des Halles will be happy to welcome you. Le Marais is a great choice from where to stay in Paris.

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Onde se hospedar em Paris? Para quem está planejando uma viagem para Paris, decidir em que área da cidade se hospedar é sempre uma grande dúvida. Se essa será a sua primeira vez, é natural querer entender um pouco mais sobre os principais pontos da cidade para decidir qual área mais te chama a atenção. Se você não sabe em qual arrondissement se hospedar em Paris esse guia vai te ajudar bastante. Onde se hospedar em Paris : Preparei aqui alguns destaques sobre as diferentes áreas e bairros da capital francesa para que você saiba qual a melhor área para se hospedar em Paris, e qual se ajusta melhor ao seu perfil turístico. Mas, sem sobra de dúvidas, cada local tem a sua beleza, e estando em Paris, tudo já vai estar muito bom! Vamos conferir?


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