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Premium Lulu’s restaurants near your travel destination? Lulu is everything you could want in a museum restaurant. Most of the dining room is set outside, in a breezy, romantic courtyard space attached to The Hammer that looks like it was produced when an architectural design firm and a farm fell in love. There’s a long, wooden table out front lined with ceramic bowls of seasonal produce. Benches are lined with olive-green cushions and warmly lit pendant lamps hang from trees. There will be women wearing shawls and reading glasses attached to a string of beads. Expect to see museumgoers looking for a place to rest and UCLA students with their parents. Discover extra information at Lulu’s restaurant.

Lulu’s is a particular favorite among breakfast lovers, reflected by their slogan, “Where breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” Served all hours, the specialties include big plates of waffles or french toast, omelets, scrambles, and even breakfast pastas. Burgers, lavash wraps, and generously plated salads round out a menu that also features entrées like fettuccine Alfredo and grilled salmon. A sidewalk patio wraps around the corner building and the homey interior has the flavor of a casual San Francisco cafe.

Located in stunning Griffith Park – LA’s largest public green space, spanning over 4,000 acres, and a popular LA attraction in itself – the Griffith Observatory sits on the southern face of Mount Hollywood and boasts some of the best views of the city, including downtown and the Hollywood Sign. Opened in 1935, the Griffith Observatory offers free-to-use telescopes, exhibitions and a high-tech planetarium. Admission to the Observatory and its grounds is free, but there is a small charge for tickets to the planetarium shows. Far more than an open-air mall, The Grove is nothing less than an LA institution. This shopping destination is home to a plethora of stores – from Nordstrom to Anthropologie and Apple – restaurants, bars, a movie theater and even an American Girl doll café. For a snack and a moment of respite, pop into Sprinkles for a cupcake or Groundwork for a dose of caffeine. Along with shopping, The Grove is known for celebrity sightings and the iconic trolley that ferries guests from one end of the mall to the other. Adjacent to The Grove is the Original Farmer’s Market, which dates back to 1934 and is a hotspot for fresh produce and high-quality food vendors.

Gondola Adventures offers a romantic cruise along the Newport Harbor in an original Venetian gondola. Your excursion can even feature a singing gondolier, if you wish. Watch the sunset, have a glass of champagne and a picnic lunch or dinner, exchange a few kisses, and enjoy the pure romance of this unique cruise. If you are looking for date night ideas in Newport Beach, this is a great romantic activity. There are specially decorated wedding gondolas that are beautifully carved and ornate if you want to pop the question or tie the knot in a unique setting. There are gondolas with a canopy for privacy, shade, or protection from rain. And there are also gondolas with a motor to get you a bit farther along the harbor.

On opening day, heart-warming dishes took center stage, such as a $12 hearty black bean soup that was spiced so smoothly its flavors melded into one. Its portion size was larger and its taste significantly more rewarding than the more expensive, smaller eggplant “banh mi” that was placed within a focaccia exterior. Typically served with a Vietnamese baguette, the twist on a Vietnamese dish failed to fuse with its overpoweringly smoky eggplant and clashing textures. The crunch of the focaccia wasn’t as forgiving as the traditional baguette and felt discordant with the much softer eggplant. Balanced in the middle were the pickled vegetable toppings, which emerged as the dish’s saving grace and were one of the few features that remained true to the banh mi’s original form. Discover more info on https://lulusoceansidegrill.com/.