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Premium Iran attractions and hotel booking? Iran has a very long history, home of one of the world’s oldest civilizations. In ancient times the area was called Persia, and was an essential focal point for empires that extended from North Africa and Anatolia to the Middle East and India‚Äôs boundaries. For people who can visit Iran, the country offers fabulous landscapes, natural beauty, architecture, and history.

Kal Jenny in Tabas is one of the most pristine and top places to take pictures in Iran and in its desert areas. You can take attractive photos for your Instagram in this place with a little creativity. In this strange valley, you can find small streams and waterfalls as well as places in the heart of the valley for the worship of Zoroastrian worshipers. Also, In case you are wondering to visit this top places to take pictures in Iran, here is Iran Desert tour that consists of Kal Jenni. The city of Yazd, with its thatched horizontal line and full of architectural beauty, has become one of the best and top places to take pictures in Iran. Many people traveled to Yazd after it was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list and took many photos of the city and its buildings and mosques.

Located in Ardabil, this shrine is the tomb of Sufi mystic leader Sheikh Safi al-din. Different areas such as a library, mosque, school, and mausoleum make up this site, and the architecture is in keeping with the principles of Sufi mysticism. While people usually see pigeons as mere nuisances, especially for city dwellers, they were quite valuable in Iran about five centuries ago, namely for their droppings. These towers were built as pigeon homes, each holding as many as 14,000, where the droppings could be collected and used as fertilizer. See additional details at Iran tour.

Not widely known outside of Iran, Sari is a small city in the lush, green state of Mazandaran around the Caspian Sea. Sari is the provincial capital and is situated between the Alborz mountains and the Caspian shore. The town is known for its natural beauty and orange groves, and the Badab Sort Natural Spring. Sari has various attractions, such as its Clock Tower, situated in block Square’ (Meidan-e-Sa’in ), and several historical tombs. Differing from the cities mentioned above in geography and climate, Yazd is an early desert town in the center of Iran. Called the”town of wind towers,” Yazd is famed for its original brocade, silk-weaving, and distinctive architecture. Found some 270 km north of Esfahan province, Yazd is dry and hot, located between two deserts: Dasht-e-Kavir and Kavir-e-Lut. Essential sites to see include the Bagh-e-Dolat Abad, the Jameh Mosque, the Bogheh-ye-Sayyed Roknaddin, Khan-e-Lari, Alexander’s Prison, the Amir Chakmaq Sophisticated, the Dakhmeh-ye-Zartosh (an early Zoroastrian’tower of silence’), along with also the Ateshkadeh (an early Zoroastrian’fire temple’).

These days, social media is rampant and subsequently Instagram photography in Iran is getting more and more customary. Many of us are looking for the top places to take pictures in Iran so we can share them with others on this popular application. Since Iran is a country of colors and stunning landscapes which are very suitable for taking pictures, photography in Iran would be immensely interesting. Iran is full of admirable sights, each of which can somehow be chosen as a pure subject for photography. Discover extra details at