What can you see in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta trips? Not far from the white-sand beaches of northern Nayarit is a refuge for crocodiles, water walking lizards, jaguars, and a slew of migratory birds. A boat tour through the National Marshes (also known as the San Blas mangroves or Marismas Nacionales) will give you an up-close view of this region’s vast network of lagoons and, if you’re lucky, the elusive wildlife that inhabit them. These marshes—occupying 2,000 square kilometers—is a haven for reptiles. Its combination of fresh water and salt water supports more than 300 species of birds, according to the North American Bird Conservation Initiative. The area welcomes 200,000-some shorebirds per year.

More Mexico locations: A must-do while in Cancun is to take a trip up the Scenic Tower (Torre Escenica). Something of a landmark in the hotel district due its height – it’s 110 meters tall – as well as its pencil thin base, the tower is a fun diversion for those wanting a birds-eye view of the city, as well as its many beaches and the surrounding coastline. While a set of steep steps can be climbed, by far the best way to reach the top is to simply take a seat in the large round elevator that gradually, as it rises and rotates, becomes an observation deck. It’s a particularly attractive structure at night when it’s lit up to resemble a Mayan representation of a flower.

Climb aboard for a thrilling speedboat ride over the brilliant waters of Banderas Bay, where a brand new view of the fantastic lush coastline will reveal itself to you. As exciting as this ride is, it culminates in a relaxing visit to the fishing village of Quimixto. Home to just 400 people, Quimixto is nestled by the La Puerta river mouth and is accessible only by a boat ride into the village. The lack of cars means life unfolds at a slower pace here, and you’ll have the opportunity to shop, look around, take photos and simply unwind before you continue your day of exploration. The relaxation continues as you mosey back to the seashore for an amazing snorkeling session in a secluded cove full of rock reefs and teeming with colorful sea life. See even more details at Puerto Vallarta Tours.

More Mexico destinations: Playa Norte (North Beach) is by far the most popular and is often rated one of the best in the Caribbean. Playa Norte is just minutes from downtown, and the palm trees and luxurious white sand make Playa Norte muy hermosa. Playa Norte has almost no current, and kids and adults can wade pretty far out and the water will only reach their waist. Playa Posada, found along the west side isn’t as crowded, however the water isn’t as clear, and Playa Media Luna is a beautiful crescent shaped beach but the water can be rough.

While there is plenty to keep you busy within the area of Nuevo Vallarta, there is also a wealth of things to do in Riviera Nayarit that should not be missed out on when you visit the top destination in Mexico. If you stay at one of the all inclusive resorts in Nuevo Vallarta, you’ll have easy access to a number of smaller destinations that blanket the coast or pepper the surrounding mountains. Day trips from Nuevo Vallarta provide a wealth of opportunities for those seeking a bit of adventure on their vacation. Places like Sayulita, an irresistible surf town on Nayarit’s coast, and San Sebastian del Oeste, a historic mining village high in the mountains, will add a bit of magic to your trip when you visit Riviera Nayarit. These Pueblos Magicos (Magic Towns), which have national distinction, are not the only day trips from Nuevo Vallarta however. Other places, like Tequila, Mascota, San Pancho, and Punta Mita, also offer incredible fun for your vacation. Find more details on https://toorzy.com/.