High quality retro cork traction pads for the perfect surfing fun

Looking for the top quality retro cork traction pads for a fabulous surfing vacation? We will see a few cork traction pads with the focus on what we think are the best ones, the Shaka Surf pads and fins.

Where to surf? Rio de Janeiro is home to some of the best beaches in the world and up and down the coast Rio boasts 54 surfing spots – here there’s a wave to suit everyone. Experienced surfers should try Baixio, tropical or Reserva; those with a death wish or surfer’s ego can attempt Shock or Laje Cartao Postal and the beginners should try Canal de Camboinhas. Staying in Rio is relatively cheap so it’s easy to take up the surfer lifestyle no matter where you come from. The best surfing season in Rio is July/August when the water is a steady 20 °C and the swells are high. The weather is at its hottest in January but the swells are lower this time of year.

Boasting its beveled corners, the Dakine Unisex Superlite Surf Traction Pad is made from high-quality materials that elevate the look of your surfboard, making it more comfortable for you to ride on. This three-piece traction pad has a 25mm rolled ramp kick tail with beveled corners and a 7mm center arch. With its features, it gives more grip to the board, allowing you to enjoy your surfing adventure even more.

Our cork traction pads pick: 100% Cork Agglomerate offering superior traction for critical high performance surfing. We’re in love these sustainable traction pads: natural, renewable and recyclable they get the Shaka Surf stamp of approval. This retro cork pad comes in three pieces and so placement can be adjusted easily. Size: 30 x 30.5cm Material: Cork agglomerate. Read more info on Cork Traction Pads.

A broken fin can mess up a good surf day. If durability is important to you, The Ho Stevie! Fins are one of the most durable fins on this list. It’s made of fiberglass with a polymer. This gives the fin more flexibility than the average plastic fin. The company that sells this is even willing to replace it if it does break. The Ho Stevie! Fins are also thinly shaped, helping you have less drag while surfing. These are a great bargain at only $20. Cons: The Ho Stevie! Surfboard Fins aren’t the best for riding the biggest waves. It also doesn’t give as much explosive speed when you’re pumping.

A perfect eco friendly surf fin is the one from Shaka Surf. There’s approximately 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans. It takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to degrade. To participate in wide community led initiatives such as beach cleanups, training, seminars, and educate people on ocean environmental issues. To share the stoke by producing highly functional products of great quality and design. To share the stoke by producing highly functional products of great quality and design. Find extra info at Eco Surf Fins.