How to join the biggest independent travel agent network

Do you want to become an independent travel agent? There is cash to be earned but also many other advantages. And, most important thing, the entry barrier in the travel agents world can be easily passed with the help from the right business, in this case i’m talking about specialized independent travel agents platforms like

You have a passion for travel AND helping others. So A passion for travel is a GREAT reason to become a travel agent, but not so you can satiate your never ending hunger for more travel. Rather, a much better reason to become a travel agent is to channel your passion for travel in the direction of sharing whatever life changing results you have realized through travel to others. In other words, the best reason to become a travel agent is to combine your passion for travel with a passion for helping people.

Key qualities and skills for travel agents ? Once you know your customer as good as you possibly can, it’s time to start giving them some ideas of what they can do with their plans, money and time and to start planning their trip and sell them a travel product. Think about how you would like to be approached by a travel agent yourself! Try to ask as many open questions as possible. These are questions that cannot simply be answered by a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. Let as much come from the customer self as possible. Don’t put words in their mouths. Ask them to tell about a previous holiday experience they enjoyed, instead of asking them if they like beach holidays. Find additional details at Become a Travel Agent.

Travel agents advantages over online booking websites ? They don’t charge hidden fees. In a column for Business Insider, Avery Hartmans described her experience using the Hotels Tonight app for a staycation in New York City – and noted that the prices listed did not include taxes and fees. Hartmans said she was charged an additional $121 in fees for the weekend, an expense she wasn’t expecting; “the extra fees were a bad surprise, and they put us well over budget for the trip,” she said. Many agents don’t charge fees at all, and those who do are up-front about the cost. They’re specialists. Agents have a personal understanding of your interests and insight into a specific destinations and segments of travel, like LGBT or destination weddings. A good travel agent spends time getting to know the customer and so can make recommendations tailored to what you want to do.

Travel agents make sure you don’t have unpleasant surprises like unexpected resort or tourism fees. If there are cancellations due to weather or other cancellations, a travel agent can redo your itinerary with little stress and effort on your part. Also, if you have a theme vacation in mind but only have a vague idea of how to carry it out, a travel agent can help turn that vision into reality. If you’re willing to do all the planning and organizing, it can be cheaper to plan your own trip. Also, if you’re planning a short trip without a lot of details, you’re probably better off doing your own legwork. An agent may steer you to a hotel or resort that offers the agent the best commission. That doesn’t mean you’ll get the best deal or experience. Your itinerary may be less flexible if you use a travel agent. You probably won’t be able to stay an extra day at a location with which you fall in love.

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