Top vacations at horse ranches

Let’s discuss about travel destinations perfect for horse riding vacations. Mixing nature, horse riding and relaxation in to the perfect vacation. This are the best places for a horse riding vacation, most of them are from the US but there are some other cool places outside the US.

This dude ranch is not for the wee ones; the focus is riding and cattle work. Bonanza Creek has a maximum allowance of 12 guests at a time, but usually averages around eight people — making this one of the most intimate guest dude ranches in the nation. There are 40 guest horses on the ranch, who welcome families into their lifestyle and incredible landscape. Guests are matched with their horses for the half-week to week-long stay. Each stay includes lodging, three meals a day, horseback riding, herding cattle, team penning, hiking, private lake fishing, wildlife watching, a breakfast ride and cookout, campfires, and wagon rides with a team of horses.

The Triple J Ranch offers an extensive Children and Teen Program. Each child will have their own horse for the week to learn horsemanship skills with dedicated kids wranglers. Children are not required to engage in any activity, but activities are available should parents desire a little freedom to participate in more scenic and challenging rides. This family ranch can keep even the most restless little cowboy or cowgirl busy. They’ll have loads of fun and they’ll talk about it … seemingly forever!

Rowse’s 1+1 Ranch in Nebraska, USA, is another working ranch where you can ride the range and experience life as a real cowboy. Think wide open spaces, no crowds, traffic or hassles – and certainly no nose-to-tail trail riding. Expect to participate in all ranch activities, especially riding and cattle work – you’ll get involved in cattle drives, roundups, brandings, team-penning and roping. Included in the rates, which start from just $217 per night, are all meals, activities, riding, ranch shuttle, lodging and tax – incredible value considering the endless saddle time you get on a working ranch vacation at Rowse’s 1+1.

A few details about horse ranches. Expect to eat well! “Guests will discover that dining at a dude ranch will be one of the most memorable parts of their vacation,” says Hodson. Imagine dining around a campfire under the stars or enjoying a pool-side barbecue. Or sitting at an elegant candle-lit table. Food is a big part of any dude ranch. The fare will range from home-style cooking to the finest western cuisine. Most ranches have a chef and a baker on staff. Plus, fresh fruits and vegetables are often grown right on the ranch. Most ranches can also meet special dietary needs when needed. Resort ranches are the largest. These upscale ranches serve gourmet food, and may have an onsite spa facility and swimming pool. Activities are usually guided. For example, guided horseback riding, hiking, fishing, etc.

If you liked your horse ranch holiday you may think at starting with horse riding as a every day hobby. Starting with horse riding is not as expensive as it was in the past. Horses for sale are becoming less expensive and the maintenance is not very high compared to 10 years ago.

Horses for sale is a trending search on Google, more and more people find out that riding a horse every week or day is no longer something very expensive or an “aristocracy only” activity. Here is the top advice if you plan on getting a horse. Your number one priority should be your personal safety. It does not matter how good looking a horse is if it’s not well trained, well-mannered and with a steady temperament.

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