Gate1travel complaints

Today we talk a little about Gate1Travel , a travel agency from the USA. Gate 1 Travel offers escorted tours, European river cruises, independent vacations and customized international vacation packages for less. Our discount travel packages and tour packages to destinations worldwide provide exceptional value, saving our customers time and money. We have taken care of all the details so you don’t have to. Find your dream vacation today.

Gate1Travel is a very big travel agency, you should find practically anything you may want in their offer. Lets see what are their summer 2019 top offers : Just wonderful. Buffalo was the best guide I’ve had on all my 7 or 8 Gate 1 trips. Favorite events were the rickshaw ride, the limestone cave in Halong Bay, all the boat trips, pagodas, Cu Chi tunnels. I’m getting ready to plan something for next March!! Featured Destination Vietnam “We would love for you to join us on an upcoming Gate 1 Travel Vietnam escorted tour. If you’re looking to experience the best of Vietnam, here is your chance! Visit the magnificent Saigon Opera House in Ho Chi Minh City; explore the Old City of Hoi An; tour the Imperial City in Hue; view the thousands of limestone islands rising out of the sea in Halong Bay, and so much more! Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime!”.

Random customer reviews : Gate one cheaped our Phillps Island Penguin tour and put 5 of us on a tour with another group. Problem: bus was extremely uncomfortable. Seats as hard as a rock. No leg room. I’m 5’3” and my legs hit the back of the seat. Bus had terrible suspension bounced all over. This was not up to the high quality of their other tours. Don’t bother to book it. If Gate one puts you with another tour group be cautious. Read extra details about Gate1travel complaints.

Some negative reviews : Just returned from South Africa June 3rd. Our tour guide told us on the first day if we were late he would leave us. Every time we got off the bus he said no shopping and only gave us time to go to the bathroom. Every time we arrived to sit in the hotel for 3 hours until dinner. He kept telling us on the last day he would take us to a warehouse full of souvenirs. I asked the first day about wanting to purchase gold bangle bracelets. He assured me this place had plenty of jewelry. When the last came and we arrived at the so called warehouse it was 3 rooms. One jewelry store that did not carry bangle bracelets. When he asked the jeweler he said we ordered those for your last client and sent them back.

Some positive reviews : The trip was outstanding! Our guide, Ruben, who was born and raised in Cusco was the most wonderful guide we have ever had. We have experienced scores of overseas trips and guides. Ruben made the trip come alive. His knowledge of Inca, Spanish, and current day culture, horticulture, astronomy, architecture, politics, local amenities, and more was truly amazing. He is intelligent and a great problem solver (which is needed when one travels in a developing nation). I can not say enough good things about Ruben–he is certainly a treasure for Gate 1. He keyed into each traveler’s needs and tried to satisfy them or explain the situation when they had a concern. He called our group “family” which indeed we did became after 10-days together thanks to his ability to help the group connect. His caring ways and excellent people and communication skills were a model for us all! Please share this review with Ruben–I will remember him for the rest of my days. It was by far my best trip thus far–I take taken at least 2 tours annually for the past 10 years.