Barcelona and its places to visit by motorbike

Barcelona is a very attractive European city that attracts a large number of tourists every day (not only in season). A very particular characteristic of this city is that motorcycles are used very often. However, this vehicle is not associated with numerous accidents that are fatal, so Barcelona is considered a very safe place to use a motorcycle. Both tourists and anyone else who wants to experience Barcelona from an adventurous point of view should familiarize themselves with the different places to visit by motorcycle.

We can assume that there are lots of places to visit by motorcycle in this city, so you can choose routes focused on the most common tourist attractions, others that go to a mountain environment … in short, variety for all the tastes.

3 places to visit by motorcycle in Barcelona as say scooter rental Barcelona center.

Among the different places to visit by motorcycle we have:

  1. Tibidabo: the Tibidabo route allows us to experience the city from on high, this journey begins on the Via Augusta, from where it runs until you reach the Vallvidrera avenue, Sarriá road. At this point there is a viewpoint that offers a huge and spectacular view of Barcelona. An emblematic place to get to know Vallvidrera, is the Trap House of Vallvidrera, which was built in 1882. As you continue the route, crossing Alberes Street, you will reach Tibidabo. This route is ideal for those who love nature, since the Tibidabo is 512 meters above sea level, which is why it is the highest peak in the Sierra de Collserola, standing out both for the view and the natural areas.
  2. Montseny: This route is synonymous with adventure, since one of its most outstanding features is the existence of numerous curves and forests. The Montseny is located in the Catalan mountain range and there are a few options to visit it, the most recommended is to start in Montmeló, taking as direction Santa María de Palautordera. During the tour is Collformic, which is a mountain pass, located at 1,145 meters high, so the view is more than spectacular. This road leads to the Monastery of Sant Marcal in Montseny and, in this way, to the Natural Park.
  3. The pools of Aiguafreda: On the way to Montseny, there is a place that can not be left aside, the pools of Aiguafreda, where you can enjoy a swim in pools of the Martinet stream as say rental scooter barcelona