Frank Eckhardt Cape Breton island and top attractions in Cape Breton

A change of life style, improved quality of air you breath, less stress. Mix travel with real estate, check it first by enjoying its attractions. At the summer home of inventor Alexander Graham Bell, you can enjoy a glimpse into the life and work of the man who brought us the telephone and put his genius to work in areas as diverse as flight and artificial respiration. The Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site houses personal effects and documents belonging to the famous inventor, as well as parts of two hydroplanes made by Bell and powered by aircraft engines. Special programs include a White Gloves Tour that lets visitors handle actual artifacts, and a Tetrahedral Kite Workshop, where you can build and test a kite based on his designs. The Bell home is on the shores of Bras d’Or Lake, in the beautiful town of Baddeck, a starting point for the Cabot Trail scenic drive.

Glace Bay, 6km northeast of Sydney, would be just another fading coal town were it not for this exceptional museum, the highlight of which is the ‘Men of the Deeps’ adventure under the seafloor to visit decommissioned mines with a retired miner as a guide – not for the claustrophobic. The museum’s restaurant (11am to 8pm) is highly recommended, and offers seafood, sandwiches and burgers (mains $13 to $28); there’s a daily lunch buffet from noon to 2pm.

Quality of life and realistic good prospects for the future are steadily and noticeably decreasing for us citizens in an US and European Union, determined by ever more control and authority madness. Now you can watch it or even begin to actively change something. Personally, I have chosen change and alternatives. This path is associated with many new tasks, but also marked by important findings.

You are looking for a property on Cape Breton Island ? As a German-speaking land development company in Nova Scotia, we offer you Cape Breton real estate :

– Buy land in Cape Breton as an investment, vacation and leisure domicile, retirement home or emigrate to Canada (also possible for self-sufficiency)
– Forest and hinterland areas, hunting grounds, farmland, shore land on the Atlantic, Bras Dor, with creek or river or freshwater lake
– legally compliant land acquisition / real estate purchase in Nova Scotia with bilingual (German-English) purchase contracts
– individually suitable plots according to purpose (no mass developments)
– Canadian insider knowledge in German

For our german visitors:

Als ich vor einigen Jahren die ersten Kontakte in Kanada knupfte, wusste ich noch nichts von “Nova Scotia” und dass es ein “Cape Breton Island” uberhaupt gibt Sie suchen ein Grundstuck auf Cape-Breton Island oder eine Immobilie in Cape Breton zu kaufen? Als deutschsprachiges Landerschliessungs-Unternehmen in Nova Scotia bieten wir Ihnen:

– Grundstucke in Cape-Breton kaufen als Kapitalanlage, Urlaubs und Freizeit Domizil, Alters Ruhesitz oder zum Auswandern nach Kanada (auch zur Selbstversorgung moglich)
– Wald und Hinterland Areale, Jagdareale, Farmland, Ufer Grundstucke am Atlantik, Bras Dor, mit Bach bzw. Flusslauf oder Frischwasser See
– rechtssicheren Landerwerb/Immobilienkauf in Nova Scotia mit zweisprachigen (Deutsch- Englisch) Kaufvertragen
– individuell passende Grundstucke je nach Zweck (keine Massenerschliessungen)
– kanadisches Insiderwissen in deutscher Sprache