Cruise parking Port Canaveral options

Cruise ship cabins are small and storage space is limited so you’ll only want to bring the essentials. Even if you forget something, it’s probably available in the ship’s store or at a port stop. You also don’t need to bring your whole closet. For the most part, cruising has become a casual affair. Guests can typically get away without bringing any formal attire. It’s wise to look up the dress code ahead of time and plan accordingly. Don’t make the mistake of stuffing your suitcase to the point of barely being able to zip it. You can even take advantage of on-board laundry services if you run out of outfits. Again, only pack exactly what you need. There isn’t much room for storage in your stateroom.

These days some cruise lines (like Carnival) are offering staggered check-in where passengers have a 30-minute check-in window. This is to help spread crowds through the entire boarding time. If, however, you are free to board at anytime, then it’s a smart move to check-in later. Many passengers like to be among the first to board the ship, leading to a traffic jam when boarding starts. But as the day progresses, the crowds get thinner, making it quick and easy to get through security and check-in with only a few minutes of your time. Extra info about Port Canaveral parking.

If you’re not staying at a hotel where you can park for the length of your cruise, you’re probably parking at a deck or lot at the cruise terminal, and with some planning you can save on this too. While you can just drive up to the cruise terminal, take your parking ticket and find a spot, you can save a little money and a lot of stress by pre-paying for parking. Pre-paying often comes with a reserved spot or reserved section, and it’s often cheaper by a few dollars a day than paying for parking when you arrive. A quick search for “parking cruise terminal [Your Cruise City]” will come up with a number of parking lots and decks where you can reserve your spot and pay in advance.

I always recommend that cruise passengers arrive at least a day in advance. The risk of flight delays is always a risk, and arriving early can definitely help mitigate that risk. You’ll have lots of options when choosing where to stay that night. Some guests choose to go to Walt Disney World first, while others prefer to stay near the Orlando International Airport (where they can get transportation to the port in the morning).

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